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Orders may be subject to a minimum quantity or value.  The ordering organizations must have predetermined products' suitability and local laws and requirements for use of products in their jurisdictions.  Full payment is due 30 days after shipment of goods. A charge of 0.05% per day will be assessed on the balance for late payment. Product liability is not assumed for defect or design. Items that due to material or workmanship fail to perform satisfactorily can be returned for exchange or refund per POLIFORCE's discretion during warranty period. Warranty period varies by product. Prior arrangement must be made for return of any item. All return goods must be packed in their original boxes and shipping must be prepaid. Any use or misuse of the products for any purpose other than what they are intended is prohibited and voids the warranty. This warranty does not apply to any product that has been subject to abuse, negligence, or accident. Defects caused by tampering, alterations, or repairs made by any agency other than POLIFORCE are not covered by this warranty.
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How to Order

Please print the Order Form to place an order by mail or fax.  Orders made by public agencies in the U.S. may be made via the organization's Purchase Order Form with a Purchase Order Number, subject to the terms of sale in the POLIFORCE's Order Form. Payment for orders placed by organizations within U.S. may be made by check, wire transfer, or Electronic Fund Transfer.  Department of Defense purchases may be paid for via CCR. Purchases made by individual members of law enforcement agencies may be paid for in advance by personal check or money order issued to POLIFORCE. International Orders may be paid for in advance in US$ via one of the following methods:

1. International Money Order
2. Thomas Cook Draft
3. Wire Transfer to (ask for details)