1.6 - Ballistic Helmets

1.6A Ballistic Helmet 1 (BH-1)

This PASGT design helmet is made of lightweight Carbon and Aramid material that meets NIJ IIA standard (V50 = 450m/s), with multiple hit capability.  It is designed to accommodate ballistic visor, night vision equipment, and communications gear.  The energy absorbing and fire retardant harness also allows air ventilation.  The color and texture are determined by your requirements.  This helmet weighs only 1.0kg.


1.6B Ballistic Helmet 2 (BH-2)

Same as BH-1, with NIJ II protection level (V50 = 550m/s).  The weight is 1.1kg.


1.6C Ballistic Helmet 3 (BH-3)

The Ballistic Hemet 3 offers protection that meets NIJ IIIA standards (V50 = 560m/s).  Other specifications are the same as BH-1.  It weighs 1.2kg.