1.14 - Vehicle

1.14A Trojan

The Trojan is a highly adaptable multi-purpose vehicle.  It is suitable for applications in the most hostile environments in a variety of roles.  Its unique design allows for quick and cost effective conversion from 4x2 to 4x4 configuration.  The hull is manufactured from armored plate.  The ballistic resistance is up to 7.62mm NATO ball.  All windows, lights, and externally mounted auxiliary equipment are guarded from hand thrown projectiles by heavy-duty welded mesh screens. 

The Trojan is ideally suited to the urban riot situation.  The pneumatically operated Bull Bar can be lowered from within the vehicle to bulldoze obstacles from its path.  The vehicle can be equipped with tear gas and smoke grenade launchers, and a water cannon.  The roof-mounted rubber bullet machine is capable of firing projectiles at up to 170 rounds per minute, with 180 degrees azimuth control and from 10 to +20 degrees of adjustable elevation.  Please send an e-mail to info@poliforce.com for additional information.