1.12 - Electric Stun Devices

1.12A The Long Arm of the Law

The Long Arm of the Law is an electronic stun device that is intended for use as a non-lethal weapon.  Weather faced with an individual who is under the influence, civil unrest, or correctional institutions uprising, the Long Arm of the Law disables a person within seconds with 140,000 volts at 0.43 milliamps with 1 millisecond pulse rate.  

To allow use of the unit from a safer distance, the 4 feet length of the device may be extended an additional 3 feet by the optional attachment with positive lock.  All the four elements at the top of the arm are interchangeable and are electrified upon activation of the trigger.  The Long Arm of the Law operates with two 9-volt batteries and can be activated for minimum of 15 minutes continuously.  The item weighs 4.6lbs with both batteries.


1.12B Stun Batons

The Stun Baton 1 delivers 250,000 volts of electrical power at 1.2 amps to temporarily impair an individual.  The power source is three 9-volt alkaline or Nickel-Cadmium rechargeable batteries.  The baton is 16 long and weighs 0.9kg.  For other models with siren or various voltages, please send an e-mail to info@poliforce.com.

1.12C Stun Guns

These small hand-held devices are available from 50,000 to 250,000 volts.  Please send an e-mail to info@poliforce.com for information on these items.