1.11 - Side-Handle Baton


KNIGHTCLUB, a multi-purpose side handle baton, provides officers with a self-defense baton, an emergency hammer, a rescue knife, a flashlight (optional), and a lever, all in a single integrated unit.  The ergonomically designed grip provides a firm hold for optimum application of force.  The rescue impact knob, with its mushroom-shaped head and long handle, can be used as a hammer to break even security glass with little effort.  The built-in rescue knife can be used in a vehicular accident to release victims trapped by their seatbelts.  An optional feature is a built-in halogen mini flashlight. 

A variety of holsters are available for KNIGHTCLUB, including the pendant strap holster with a release mechanism that enables officers to respond quickly; the duty holster which is specially designed for close-formation duties; the standard holster; and the shoulder holster for concealment. 

KNIGHTCLUB is available in 51cm (20.1) and 55cm (21.6) lengths.  The weight for these two models are 1.31lb (0.6kg), and 1.54lb (0.7kg) respectively.